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Ethical Practises

Everyone who contributes to making clothing for Sacred Threads is appreciated, and we ensure that they work in fair conditions for a fair wage, and in an ethical and sustainable manner. We are BSCI compliant or equivalent.  This code of conduct is a shared commitment between the manufacturers of Sacred Threads and our partner suppliers and factories, and it is a set of standards that we live by:

•    No child labour
•    No forced labour
•    No physical disciplinary measures
•    No discrimination of any kind
•    Fair wages, reasonable working hours and overtime pay in accordance with local legislation
•    Freedom of association and rights to collective bargaining
•    Paid Maternity leave
•    A clean, healthy and safe work environment
•    On-site health clinics or a first-aid centre
•    A policy of social accountability
•    Anti-Bribery policy
•    Anti-Corruption policy.

Protection and preservation of the local environment, including:

•    Consideration of scarce resources
•    Careful waste management
•    Policy to reduce, reuse and recycle
•    Effluent Treatment Plants to ensure clean water is returned to local water systems.

Every country is different, and each of our manufacturing partners provides various benefits depending on local needs. These can range from:

•    Free or subsidised meals
•    Free standard medication and health education
•    On-site childcare facilities
•    Food assistance for employees families
•    Support of local community groups.


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