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About Sacred Threads

In Hindsight it seems like Sacred Threads flowed into it's own creation, really....I don't quite know how it came together so easily, but it certainly flowed.....however, I remember clearly the day I was inspired ....

One sunny, sunny day - (it was that kind of sunny) I was quietly watching yogi's move into and out of large tents full of other yogis on their mats, making shapes, breathing or just laying down while large gongs re-set their vibe......I watched them from a place of peace, and saw the calm in their stroll, in their smiles and heard it in their quiet conversation.  

But many of their clothes didn't speak calm or quiet.  The colours were vivid and spoke gym language - their brightness said 'feel the burn' - there was no calm or simplicity and no representation on the outside of what was being created through practise on the inside - lightness and ease wasn't often evident in what people were wearing. 

And from there on Sacred Threads honestly took on it's very own trajectory! 

For instance it became obvious that the fabric needed to be natural and not man-made; that it needed to be organic and as sustainable as possible, using as little water as possible; that the manufacture should be ethical and that those making the clothes should be treated fairly, kindly and with respect. You can read about our ethical practises here.....and see our organic & sustainable certifications here

In short we realised Sacred Threads needed to be in alignment with Ahimsa, 'Do no Harm' - the 1st Yama in the Eightfold path of yoga. 

And then of course there was comfort; being comfortable is of paramount importance to me, to everyone I think.  So the fabrics had to be soft, and the cuts flattering because 'comfort' also means feeling easy in your clothes. 

And with 'sustainability' comes the responsibility to 'choose well', 'buy less' and to 'make it last'.  And so the Sacred Threads T's & sweats do that too.  They last, ''despite being worn every week for a year''.  They wash really well.  

So Integrity, Kindness & Quality became our values. 

Simple really.

In the end. 

Like the whole Sacred Threads vibe. 

Simple. Clean. Comfortable. Quality. 

That's it. 

That's how it grew. 

It kind of followed it's own obvious path. 

....And it keeps growing because out of that came the obvious idea that we needed a capsule wardrobe, specifically for yogi's and wellbeing lovers, specifically for the Sacred Threads' family.  It will include leggings, shawls, shorts, vests & dresses; everything, but not more than, you may need for a retreat or a week to feel fabulous and comfortable on or OFF your mat - because 98% of yoga is practised OFF the mat.

It's simply a matter of  how you are in the world! 

So our aim is to create clothing for everyone, whether they 'do' yoga or not....because if you practise integrity, kindness and respect then you too are a yogi!!

But it's taking ages because of our commitment to sustainable and ethical practises.

But it's coming! 

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And watch this space!

Blessings to you all




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